I was inspired to design and build a simple desktop book stand thingy for a student to use in place of a big three-ring binder. I thought I could bang it out today and bring it to work tomorrow. I’m not satisfied with the results. It came out shoddy and looks/feels makeshift, which it is. Project abandoned!

It was not all for naught. I had fun quickly designing something in SketchUp and I got to play around in the woodshop. I used scrap and spare hardware so it didn’t cost anything directly. Now I know my 20 minute design won’t work, so I learned something from the process. I’m going to research existing products and try again.

Even though the result is unusable, the process was rewarding. I practiced my skills. I got that “workshop zen” feeling where my mind quiets down for a while. I don’t get to show off a cool finished product tomorrow, but I don’t regret spending my Sunday afternoon in the shop.

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