I have a lot of interests. I like to make things, break things, occasionally fix things, tinker and learn. JUSBOT.COM is a place for me to share some of this random junk I do. To get started, I want to talk about my  workspaces.

I’ve set up two separate spots in our apartment. My primary space is in our “studio” – where the dining room would go if we were “normal” people. 


This is my half of the room. My partner Maurice uses the other half, and we sometimes collaborate on projects in the middle. Down here I do most of my messing around. I’ve got lots of miscellaneous supplies, electronic components, hardware, etc. Most of my hand tools, computer hardware and music gear lives here. If I’m doing serious computer-y stuff, I’m sitting here instead of at a desk or on the couch.

Up in the attic I have the “heavy duty” workshop – a makeshift space for power tools and messy stuff. 


The attic is not really habitable space. There’s no outlets and it’s poorly insulated. But it works, so I can’t complain. I have a small table saw, band saw, drill press and workbench. I have a closet full of wood scraps and various materials. I’ve got some hand planes, saws, clamps, sanders, fasteners, this-and-thats up here. I made the tool stands and the workbench. The tools are on casters so I can set the small space up however I need.

Having separate workspaces for different tasks has some drawbacks. I have tools and supplies in different locations and it’s hard to figure out what to keep where sometimes. Running back and forth for forgotten tools or supplies is annoying. I have less isolation when I’m working downstairs and am easily distracted. However it’s great to not have sawdust all over everything when I’m working on guitars or circuits or arts and crafty stuff, so I’m happy with this setup.

More pics ahead.







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