Cords are gross.

I was sick of looking at the power cord for our toothbrush charger, all bunched up and hanging out under the glass shelf in our bathroom. Also, out bathroom has a single outlet, making it tough to keep things plugged in. I wanted to throw one of our extra Google Home Mini smart speakers in […]

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I recently moved from Tumblr to WordPress, in hopes that it would encourage me to write and share more on this platform. Coming soon… more projects, thoughts, explorations, and daydreams. Currently I’m busy working on digging out from getting new furniture for the Watertown Middle School Makerspace. It’s been a slow process, moving areas […]

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Mini things make my heart sing.

I love mini stuff. Little versions of bigger things, in perfect detail. Total joy trigger. Like this mini food made from polymer clay at Parts and Crafts. I totally lost my mind this weekend when I came across It’s two great tastes that go great together. I mean… LOOK AT THIS! I ordered up a […]

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Harvard lectures, courseware and assignments for free? Seriously?!  Yup. edX is amazing. I started CS50X, the online version of Harvard’s popular Intro to Computer Science course. Week 0 was amazing – the lectures are engaging, the support materials and other courseware top notch. Week 0 concludes with a problem set: create an animation, app or game […]

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Gettin’ science up in here.

At work I get to hang out in two different science classes. In 8th grade we’re working on elements. In some of our activities we use a “bubble sheet” to figure out how many electrons live on each shell of an atom. The handout we have does the job, but I wanted to find a version […]

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I’ve been getting back into playing guitar more often. I have a bunch of pedals, but no pedalboard. I had been looking at Pedaltrain and some of the boutique-y makers out there (see list below). I knew I could pull something together myself and practice woodworking in the process. I decided I wanted something like […]

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Fixing sleep.

I saw my doctor last week. Nothing major. We mostly talked about whatever came up. One of our topics was sleep. We talked about sleep cycles, REM sleep, brain waves, pavlov’s dog, biorhythms… and as usual with my doc, this involved a quickly scribbled diagram: (my over-complicated recreation) This technical and scientifically-accurate diagram shows what […]

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Twitter time-trip, MP3 edition

I was amazed to see how many tweets I’ve posted – over 3,000 – despite feeling like I never use Twitter. This sent me on a scrolling journey through time, where I found this gem: UGH. I LEFT MY ZUNE AT HOME. 😦 — Justin Schmidt (@jusbot) March 20, 2011 Yes, I had a Zune. […]

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